Frog Kidney



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Date Created 12/1/2008

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dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Very cool. Were these images captured with a synth in mind?
ppberk Over 1 year ago
Actually I have been attempting to construct a database of these shots for awhile, and one day I stumpled upon photosynth and decided to give it a try. I'm currently atempting to use photynth to pruduce a 360 degree shot with photos taken from an electron microscope.
MartyM2 Over 1 year ago
Nice work but the motion here appears to be mostly rotating and scaling so if there was depth to that kidney it didn't come through in the point cloud. Reconstructing 3D from SEM images could be tricky. In any case the algorithms compute shape based on object motion, mostly translation in this case. If you can move the subject back and forth under the lens with about 50% overlap between shots you could get a true 3D point cloud. That'd be neat and apparently a photosynth first!
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