Glade Run, First Falls



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This synth / panorama was taken at First Falls, on Glade Run, in the Dunbar Creek watershed of Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA. The area has a long but often hidden history, as nature has reclaimed mans once overwhelming activities that once placed roads and improved trails through mountain valleys denuded of vegetation by the cutting of trees for charcoal for local iron furnaces. The workers are gone, the furnace and wheel pit are a ruin, as is the foot bridge abutment, which forms the perch from which this synth was taken. Nature has reclaimed the site to the point that the casual observer would not even suspect that man had made his mark here.
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Date Created 9/6/2009

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Amazing documentation of this natural reclaimation. Fascinating, and very well done.
Can you please give us a geotag, so that others can find it on the map?
sherwingws Over 1 year ago

I tried to enter the Geotag when I published the Synth, and for two days since. I even
filed a bug report on the problem, but no luck. I just tried from a different location and it
worked. Go Figure!

I also added to and reordered the highlights, so that they are in a reasonable order, rather
than jumping all over the place.

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