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Doing this shoot took quite some effort from Quell as you can imagine - it numbered almost two hundred shots in total. I have removed a few that were really too blurry (remind me to go buy a DSLR one of these days or, failing that, a tripod) but still ended up with 184 photo's.

I really love the way photosynth analysed it; in 3D view you can see it matched her almost completely, quite unlike the previous shoot where it mostly found the surroundings. I'm still wondering wether or not I should have left out the series circling her head, but decided to leave them in for now as a "mini" series. Might get a bit confusing though.

One point where synth failed me is discerning heights, so in the overall circle you will sometimes drop or raise in height - there are actually 3 series all taken at a different height. I would have preferred if those would rotate seperately, or even better, let you modify your height seperate from your view angle. We'll see, perhaps in some new version.
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Date Created 8/22/2008

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inBerlin Over 1 year ago
good work
IvarHD Over 1 year ago
This was really fun to watch, having a person in it makes it very interesting. It's certainly inspired me to try to get started with photosynth.
roach_wade Over 1 year ago
this is one of the best synths. very good work. how long did it take to synthesize?
Scott Over 1 year ago
Great work! Try holding down "Ctrl" while rotating the scene (using either the halo or the arrow keys).
Marvin Over 1 year ago
That is an amazing synth.
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
It's nice you got her to cooperate! Well done.
BigGlasses Over 1 year ago
Nice job. If you're going to all the trouble, I would recommend the DSLR. Awesome detail that way.
sebasfour Over 1 year ago
Its really cool the 3D view but there is not any cool close up to see!!! anyway thats a good work!!!
blaise Over 1 year ago
Hey, how about adding some closeups of the page she was reading?
FragFrog Over 1 year ago
Unfortunately there is, as far as I know, no way to add photo's to an already submitted synth. Nor would it make much sense except for still objects since there is no way to get the positions exactly right.

That being said, I daresay that in the 184 shots there are some closeups to find.
olanchano Over 1 year ago
beatiful just awesome
johnwalterman Over 1 year ago
This is one of the most stunning synths I've seen so far!
pelican500 Over 1 year ago
Great job, absolutely amazing- pushing photosynth to it's limits.
robjmarks Over 1 year ago
It looks great when you only have the dots ovisible (press 'p')

Well done!!
raman.roshan Over 1 year ago
Nice work..its look like professional work..Microsoft Rocks!!!
fadeev101 Over 1 year ago
Good work
mikegoodstadt Over 1 year ago
More Clouds! or in spanish:
"¡Nubes! ¡Nubes! ¡Nubes!"
Love that red sofa.
thomavar Over 1 year ago
wow !!
that should have taken some doing!!
beautifully done!
u have explored a differnt way to look at things!
difffernt perspectives, brought out the object on veiw admirably!!
algade_74 Over 1 year ago
Peter_88 Over 1 year ago
nice job
thpdg Over 1 year ago
Very nice.
Did you let her turn the page now and then?
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