Barningham Moor Rock Art 101



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This stone, which can be found on Barningham Moor, Co Durham, England is carved in a style known as ‘cup and ring’. It is thought to date from a period 4000 – 6000 years ago, although some believe the tradition may have covered a longer time span (me being one). Why they were carved is not known, but regional variations in style, topography, setting and types of stone may hint at multiple meanings. In Britain, these carvings are generally confined to areas of northern upland.

This collection of photographs was taken over a two year period and with three different cameras. Some of the images are random scenic shots, whilst others are stereo pairs taken for photogrammetric processing. It is noticeable that all the photogrammetric imagery has combined into the larger synth, with the scenic shots forming smaller versions. Where images have formed into groups of 2, toggling quickly between both images produces a 3D affect similar to wobblevision.

The geotagged location is rough only
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Date Created 2/12/2009

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K Over 1 year ago
you have created a very detailed synth, can you tell me a little more about what i'm looking at and where it is?
PGRic Over 1 year ago
Hello K, I've added some info above.
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