Wellington, New Zealand



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Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Set on the edge of a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills.

Composite panorama of 160 18 megapixel images, stitched with Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Taken around early on a Saturday morning – can you find the Mountain Biker out for an early ride?
Megapixels 801.95
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Date Created 3/18/2010

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Rick Over 1 year ago
This is beautiful! I've seen lots of panoramas from Sydney, but this gives it a run for the money. (My own favorite harbour town is Vancouver, but a lot of that's personal history.)

The water looks calm this morning. Is rowing/sculling popular in the harbour, or just sailing?

Thanks for your beautiful contribution. I hope our family will make it to New Zealand some day.
irontubs Over 1 year ago
Love the city view - its full of intresting places do zoom into - great vingettes of life
adrianwa Over 1 year ago
Rick - thank you so much for the comment, knowing your background, I'm flattered!
There is Rowing - Tony, I've tagged those ones :) and also Kayaking and Dragon Boating :)
Fotohunter.net Over 1 year ago
Very Nice, it's a long Time ago staying here. About 20 Years. I am Missing it. Greetings from Switzerland
stschoener Over 1 year ago
What a wonderful synth and great "bookmarks"
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