1080p test hawaii flower



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Anyone know the name of this flower? Press "p" a few times to turn the image back on.

This is a casual test w/ 5d markII 3 still images and ~700 1080p frames from 37 seconds of video. My goal was to see if video would work for fast capture for the point cloud. I believe photosynth is only using ~2 megapixels of any image for point cloud generation I thought 1080p might work as well as stills just to get the point cloud.

I had to remove almost half the frames due to too much motion blur. When I reviewed the video on location I thought it was sharp. Next time I will make sure I use a faster shutterspeed. I am happy w/ the results for casual rapid capture but there are lots of outliers, and the synth broke in pieces in a few places. I am not sure if this is due to a lack of exif data, the motionblur or some other issue.
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amn.hodge Over 1 year ago
I use the same techinque. Blurs are inevitable.
amn.hodge Over 1 year ago
Im also pretty sure you dont have to get rid of the blurs. Photosynth should just throw them aside when making the synth.
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