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Attempt to create a point cloud that includes a 3D reference point. The reference point is a water bottle with some high contrast reflective targets. The idea was that the reflective targets should be very visible in a point cloud. If these kinds of targets can be observed in a point cloud, then it should be possible to transform the model to real world coordinates. The 3d target has been added as a highlight. Stone architecture, terraces, and rampart walls are also visible in this synth.
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Date Created 12/28/2009

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madeeds Over 1 year ago
Very cool idea. Consider using a design that's more intricate than four squares of a checker board. With this design, you only get a few features at the corners. If it were more complicated, you could get more features. If you just did nine red spots on a yellow background, it might work better. You might also consider making each of the four targets use a different accent color so that in your post-processing you can identify them algorithmically.
Nathan.Craig Over 1 year ago
Dear Madeeds,

Thank you very much for these wonderful ideas, this is just the kind of feedback I am hoping for. I will try out your suggestions post the results. I think this technology holds great promise for archaeological documentation.

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