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I did a kite aerial photography session of an abandoned truck out on Mana Road on the Big Island of Hawai`i. I pulled some usable images from the flight for the purpose of printing and framing, but I never chuck a shot once I've taken it, so the rest of the shots from that flight have been lying around on disk. So here's my attempt at running a synth off of a non-ortho, mostly oblique set of shots that were never intended to be run through Photosynth.

There's actually a lot more in the synth than just the truck. Try clicking around. Among other things there's a huge dead tree. Unfortunately it's not the most navigable synth in the world. But the point cloud of the truck isn't bad.

Equipment used:
Kite - Flowform 16 & 6' rokkaku
Line - #200 braided dacron
Rig - Brooks BBKK + Pan Gearbox
Camera - Canon A650IS
Synthy 96%
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Photos 181
Date Created 2/25/2009

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K Over 1 year ago
very nice. what kind of KAP rig do you use?
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
This was done using a BBKK from Brooks Leffler:

Here's a shot of the rig:

I wound up having to use two kites that day because the wind changed shortly after launching.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Man, these kite synths are really great.
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
I've got a couple of others I could probably post. I'd REALLY like to think through what kinds of shots I'd take if I was doing this on purpose, though. So far the KAP flights I've posted weren't done with any real intent to upload into Photosynth.

I'm blown away by how well Photosynth works, though! I need to pick some nice spots for this weekend.

K Over 1 year ago
I haven't had a chance to try kite photography yet but I've been thinking for a while that it should work pretty well with Photosynth. I'm glad to see you trying it out.

Why don't you create a thread in the forums and invite your fellow KAP enthusiasts to join in and see if together you can come up with some KAP/Photosynth guidelines? One of the problems to sort out is that Photosynth get confused when all the photos are pointing straight down. This is why you see the view swing around wildly sometimes. I'll dig in a little and see if there are any workarounds for that problem.
TriState360 Over 1 year ago
Very Cool Aerial! Congrats! I also like the fact, as you mention, that Photosynth breathes new life into photos that would otherwise be harddrive hermits ;)
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Wow. This is amazing. I love this set.
siblog Over 1 year ago
Very nice indeed, I used to do areal photography from kits some 25 years ago. When I look at this synth and what is possible now, my efforts back then look rather tatty. Well done!
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Wow! If you could supplement this with some photos from the ground, I bet the truck would have had some really amazing detail. I love the location.
queuester Over 1 year ago
Great synth. Highlights would be great on this for navigation.
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
Yeah, I need to start going back through my synths to add highlights. 'Cause you mentioned it, I'll start with this one.
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