Climbing Aegialis



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Climber in the route 'Aegialis' - see him falling out of the route! The 'Grande Grotta' on Kalymnos is a fabulous climbing area. Great tufa and stalactites in an open cave.

Tip: To view the sequence in the right order you can use the "." key: It moves you forward in shooting order, hitting the "," key moves you backwards.
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Date Created 8/18/2008

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Sarah Over 1 year ago
The "." key does not work for me but the spacebar moves the sequence forward. Not sure how to move backward.
Don Over 1 year ago
Press Shift + spacebar to move backwards.
J.P.Peter Over 1 year ago
Spacebar doesn't seem to follow the timestamps in every case, so sometimes the moves are out of order. The "." key still works for me...
UVLT-monitor-stew Over 1 year ago
Very cool! Great job.
cooljam Over 1 year ago
to use "." and "," click inside the picture area first
Pano08 Over 1 year ago
Well done, it's one of my favorites.
Look at Pano08 "My Favorites" to find easyly interesting syncs.
White-Spider Over 1 year ago
This is amazing. The technolgy works great for climbing. I wonder if I can use my ice-climbing shots with this....mmmh?
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