Iced algae in Menai Bridge



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One winter evening when it was just about to get dark I passed by one of the bays in Menai Bridge. When the tide went out the water was lapping over the algae and it was cold enough to freeze it. It left quite a nice and interesting scene.
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Date Created 7/18/2011

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KC_Matthew Over 1 year ago
Kron, you're shots are ridiculous. Thanks for sharing. Are you using a decent DLSR and a tripod to set up these shots? How much overlap are you using between each shot (roughly?) I have only done these shots with my iPhone 4 thus far and haven't dove into the higher quality realm. It's awesome to see this form of world capture taking a step in the awesome quality direction. It's a fantastic way for someone to explore new places from their home when they cannot make it there.
lion69 Over 1 year ago
This is awesome, my fav panorama so far. Thanks for sharing!
kronmueller Over 1 year ago
Sorry for the late replies. I haven't used Synth for a while.
Yes, I use a DSLR with a nodal head. I do mainly panoramas and 360 so I invested in that equipment at some point.
Glad to hear you like it.
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