pomnik powodzianina; Floods monument



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Pomnik Powodzianina - symbol bohaterskiej postawy mieszkańców Nowej Soli w walce z kataklizmem powodzi 1997 r

Konkurs Windows Live dobreprogramy.pl

Floods monument - the symbol of heroic attitude of the inhabitants of New Salt in the fight against flood disaster 1997

Competition Windows Live dobreprogramy.pl
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Date Created 11/14/2008

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Marvin Over 1 year ago
Nice synth. Good job.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Wow. Well done. I love the lead up the path to the statue too.
martym Over 1 year ago
Great context and range of scales from the rear belt loop of the statue to the cranes across the river -- all nicely navigable!
neigobbis Over 1 year ago
Lindo de mais, muito belo...
Nei Gobbis
dqgcs Over 1 year ago
Sajan647 Over 1 year ago
amazing, great detail.
pamela39934 Over 1 year ago
Thanks, would be nice to get an idea what this represents in English (if possible). Like the photos all around the statue - really good way to show it!
Harimetsu Over 1 year ago
Wow the point cloud is AWESOME!!!!! congratulations!!!
Bionik Over 1 year ago
is there any method to download a 3D model from this synth / statue? Like .vrml or .3ds file?
Crunchy Over 1 year ago
Great job. Gives me a good idea of what is needed to Synth
boniabns Over 1 year ago
Midov Over 1 year ago
koruphave Over 1 year ago
koruphave Over 1 year ago
Aaben have
koruphave Over 1 year ago
koruphave Over 1 year ago
odense nv
koruphave Over 1 year ago
korup have
Aaben have
koruphave Over 1 year ago
basebaplaya17 Over 1 year ago
first synth i have ever seen. I am extremely impressed with the capabilities and the depth of this application. I am in awe and cannot believe such thing is possible. Still wondering how it all works. All i understand from now is that pictures that are taken from various cameras are put together to create one whole image or a perspective view of the world.
AminPishahang Over 1 year ago
Thank U for the very very beautiful and amazing PhotoSynth
SeaBucanero Over 1 year ago
bakano loco!
SeaBucanero Over 1 year ago
Best work ever seen here!
yeloo Over 1 year ago
v170r Over 1 year ago
Excelente trabalho
AgnieszkaK Over 1 year ago
Bardzo fajnie zrobione :) dużo szczegółów... wspaniały synth :)
Rick Over 1 year ago
Gives a nice sense of the full sculpture shape.
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