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The historic parish church of St Gluvias,[2] dedicated to Gluvias of Cornwall (or Gluviacus) serves the Church of England parish of St Gluvias with Penryn, Cornwall. Gluvias of Cornwall was the son of Gwynllyw the warrior, King of Gwentlog, and a nephew of St Petroc. The church was founded in the 6th century and the parish was in the Middle Ages sometimes called Behethlan or Bohelland.[3] The present church is a recent construction by J. P. St Aubyn in 1883, though the tower is medieval: it is made of blocks of granite. The church contains the brass of Thomas Kyllygrewe, ca. 1485.[4] There are also three wall-monuments of interest: Samuel Pendarves, d. 1693, and his wife; William Pendarves, d. 1671, and his wife (both are curiously positioned with the figures which should face each other on either side of the corners of a window opening); and J. Kempe, d. 1711, bust under drapery.[5] The Wesleyan missionary Benjamin Carvosso was born in this parish. Samuel Argall was buried here on January 28, 1626.
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