Cathedral in Marseille



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I took this at the Cathedral in Marseille, France. it had a lot of nice geometry to work with, and I was pretty happy with the way it came out... a few stitching errors, but for the time I spent on it (5 min), it was pretty good quality.
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Date Created 4/20/2011

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r0nin2ooo Over 1 year ago
Nice job! Over 1 year ago
Bravo!!! Over 1 year ago
Great work!!!
SignalToNoise Over 1 year ago
I am the developper of the Photosynth's stitching algorithm and I did my college and doctorate in Marseille so I really like this one. Bonne mere!
Denis D.
SignalToNoise Over 1 year ago
Just one thing: the location on Bing maps must be updated :)
Y.Oda Over 1 year ago
Very Beautiful!
Jacob0629 Over 1 year ago
How could you match these photos so well? My photos can not be a 360 view.
TomMunnecke Over 1 year ago
thanks for the notes... I took the images carefully, lining up the images to keep them within the green boundary. I also waited for people to leave the particular frame I was shooting, making the cathedral look a lot less crowded than it was.
StarGazer9 Over 1 year ago
Awesome job !!
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