A 130 degree sweep over Hybo from the lake



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On a marvellously beautiful saturday midday with a perfect temperature of -2C/28F I just had to go out and make a pano. You could shoot without gloves.
It is a 376 images pano. The pano has 8 rows wich makes it wide and narrow. The pano took 38 minutes to shoot wich makes 9 images per minute. It is a bit of speed shooting when I don't look in the viewer, just the scales and trust that all images becomes good. I wonder how fast you can take pictures with a gigapan head or something similar. It works quite good with the home made scales on the videohead, I just can't go and take a cup of coffe as the images are shot.
I'm standing about 100 meters from land and and all details fit in just one row of the pano. It may be a little dull pano, I hope it's not too crappy. Ideal when making a pano like this would be to have a ten meters mast but then I wouldn't be able to shoot manually.
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Date Created 2/2/2013

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