Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival



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The Iverson family began growing tulips in 1974. The first tulips belonged to Dr. Holman who would ship part of the bulbs to Indiana every year for forcing. When he retired in the late 1970's we bought a few acres of bulbs.

By the early 80's we had over 15 acres and needed to broaden the market base. Seeing this as an opportunity, in 1983 we started the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.

In the first few years we printed up black and white order sheets and sales were slow. Then, in 1986, we opened our fields for Easter weekend. The rest you may say, is history.

Now we open our fields for an entire month and have greatly expanded our operation to include taking bulb orders, cut flowers, potted tulips, a gift shop, other plants, and all sorts of food and activities on weekends.
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