I90 over Denny Creek



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I've always liked this bridge that seems to float on the trees of Snoqualmie Pass. Hikers will recognize it from the Denny Creek trail, which passes along the forest floor 100 feet below. Many drivers going westbound on I-90, toward Seattle, may never even realize that they are 100 feet up .

Technical details: shot with a Canon 1Ds Mark III, 100-400mm zoom lens @ 400, on a Gigapan Epic Pro.
Gigapixels 2.63
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Date Created 8/28/2010

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omer1010 Over 1 year ago
mattu Over 1 year ago
I'm hoping ghtr is a good thing :)

so thanks
thirdphotoreceptor Over 1 year ago
Hi Matt, great image as usual! It would be nice to be able to 'point' to particular co-ordinates in an image in comments. Is a feature like that on the cards at Photosynth?
mattu Over 1 year ago
You can create a link to a coordinate by using the 'Share' button, located underneath the panorama, e.g. http://bit.ly/9TJOjW

Going forward, I would love to see a feature that allows others to create highlights on my panoramas.
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