Hallstatt from Krippenstein, Dachstein



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This gigapixel panorama gives an overview of the Hallstatt area which is the eponym for the Hallstatt age and a world heritage area. See the navigation bar to learn about the features in the image.

The reaon for the weird shape of this panorama is the way the panorama was taken: resting against the protruding rail of the "5 Fingers" catwalk on the Krippenstein: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=334c1ad4-779b-473c-a71f-2e76ec5f0c6a - a very uncomfortable position. This - and the strong wind - accounts for some blurry regions in the panorama.
I planned to shoot a better image later but didn't find the time for it till today...
Gigapixels 8.94
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Date Created 12/4/2010

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Fantastic. I'm guessing that you were using at least a 300mm lens for this. Is that correct?
bvogl Over 1 year ago
Hello David,
The 300mm lens is correct - with the 1.5 crop of the camera it is even 450mm in total.
pwallen1962 Over 1 year ago
All I can say is... Awesome!
How many individual frames is this composed of, and did you do this manually, or have aid of some sort of automated tracking device? I can't imagine doing this manually without having a lot of holes, unless you overlap a lot, taking way more shots than necessary. I can keep track of one or two horizontal lines of pics without getting sloppy, but it looks like you were working on a 15x30 grid. That's impressive if done by hand. I'm going to try this myself. I just bought a Canon SX30IS and am interested in seeing how it does. I've used stitching software in the past, but this one is really impressive.
pwallen1962 Over 1 year ago
P.S.: you have a Paragleiter #5, in the upper-left of the panarama. I thought it was 2 at first, but is only one that was in 2 separate shots, then stitched together.
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