All-sky from SAAO



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Nikon D5100 with Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens.
Composite of 50 images.
If you liked this mosaic check out my time-lapses of the night sky:
Megapixels 82.67
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Date Created 7/16/2014

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Petit_Prince Over 1 year ago
Shaaz628 Over 1 year ago
How did you take that ?? Pls let me know ... I would love to try
KahlieRain Over 1 year ago
This is amazing!
CrisAldana Over 1 year ago
Oh my good this is the best photo that i've ever seen si lovely
visualsbysina Over 1 year ago
amazing! DSLR??
Soranso Over 1 year ago
Caraka! Muito bom!
Ant-Manchester Over 1 year ago
This epitomises what Photosynth is for. Bravo!
hotshot2907 Over 1 year ago
If only we could see it from everywhere
sarahnirvana Over 1 year ago
powder2 Over 1 year ago
Maikol_A Over 1 year ago
evenstolen Over 1 year ago
photo.amaze Over 1 year ago
Sidney90 Over 1 year ago
Zen0zero Over 1 year ago
That's breathtaking
khedr Over 1 year ago
alexis2012ful Over 1 year ago
How did you took this picture?!? There no way you used an phone
newtons700 Over 1 year ago
Great picture!
Paulgc9 Over 1 year ago
StefanGolubov Over 1 year ago
Woah! Stunning!
Cheers from Serbia :)
Maksym Over 1 year ago
lnas Over 1 year ago
TheEnglishTourist Over 1 year ago
Amazing, thanks for taking the time to make this picture!
WienLe Over 1 year ago
it's zmazing
pollymaclawn Over 1 year ago
Great picture! The best! Amazing show!
NormalPeople Over 1 year ago
Awesome Picture!
Tsough Over 1 year ago
tool986 Over 1 year ago
WedgeCoy Over 1 year ago
Can you actually see stuff like this?
ardee.mobil Over 1 year ago
Hi astro.adam ..... This is awesome...!!! Stunning
Osiris1911 Over 1 year ago
Puts life in perspective........
Anthonyg1 Over 1 year ago
waltermitty Over 1 year ago
Is that reaaal?? Awesome!
rmcstt 10 months ago
juliank89 9 months ago
Simplemente hermoso, buena toma
TavoDiaz 9 months ago
Wooou wonderfull
awesomeness123 8 months ago
u are sitting in a char then u here a Big Bang BOOM! It sends u flying...nothingness... but...there is something...a the distance...u put your arms out and push back, like u are swimming. you start to go towerd the light. you feel sleepy all of the sudden. you fall into nothingness...Then an Erie light come from the side of you vision getting brighter like the sun...You notice your falling... Something's under you... It's red- orange-green it's changing's ... it's ... A DANCE PARTYYou fall flat on your face in the middle of the room and the music stops and everyone stares wide eyed... they all pick you up and push you into the void...darkness once again You keep falling... -ONE HUNDRED YEARS LATER- "I'm getting old for this" you say in a deep sigh Then dr.muffintoes falls
next to you with a smirk "relax young one" he says even though ur like 120
CaptainBString 3 months ago
Amazing! Thank you!
antonio181193 3 months ago
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