BIG TREE PARK - Glendora



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I had to take a break from computer screens, piles of post production and ever increasing storage needs... So, obviously the best way to do that is to go shoot more :)

If you haven't seen the one of BIG TREE PARK by BENPERK, check it out. Wonderful work... I shoot most of my panoramas with the Canon 16-35mm on 5DMKII. Low ISO, Smallest Aperature within reason... and I try to keep exposure times to roughly 15 Seconds... It's not that I don't want to extend the duration of my psuedo-yoga / Faux-Ninja, neck crimping, Cyclops emulating, eye straining, contortionist routine to see into the viewfinder... in a dark corner of the world... anticipating a Seedpod meets Noggin' event from 60 something feet above... The probability of an critical seed2noggin impact can be significantly decreased by shooting 30 15 secod exposures... and not 30 3 minute exposures...7.5 minutes instead of 90... and bracketing... would be absurd... Historical Landmark #3 Circa 1880
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Date Created 5/12/2012

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MagiView Over 1 year ago
Superb night shot, Garret. Favorited!
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