Can you find the teddy bear in Nutclough Woods - Hebden Bridge?



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Taken on a home made 'No Parallax' rig with a Canon Eos 650D, 15-85 lens at 35mm, f/11, 1/5th sec, ISO 100
Megapixels 734.23
Views 4636
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Date Created 4/2/2014

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NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
Curiously enough, it isn't where it was in your parallax pan synth:
HGREGG Over 1 year ago
Haha damn elusive little beasts there teddy bears! I plan to populate future panos and synths with little 'easter eggs' (like programmers use to do way back) to make them even more immersive. These shots of the woods are not paticularly interesting - it was just somewhere to practice this and test the accuracy of the rig (this last week is first time I've done this stuff). I've got some good stuff planned - we live very close to Bronte country and it strikes me that that would be something with international interest.
NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
Just out of curiosity, where did you share this to get so many views?

Did this get featured on the homepage?
HGREGG Over 1 year ago
I am as mystified as you about the viewing numbers!!! It's not a very interesting panorama, and I really overdid the processing :-( I geotagged it (but I don't think thats an explanation for the views. I shared a link ion my FB page - but I don't have that many friends interested in this, and was not notified of re-shares. Maybe it's the title - could be people like a challenge ;-)
photosynth Over 1 year ago
Load up our iPhone app and you'll find out :).
HGREGG Over 1 year ago
@photosynth - I don't have (or want!) an iPhone so I guess I won't find out - unless you tell me ;-)
BenLouws Over 1 year ago
@HGREGG - your photo has been featured on the iphone photosynth app startup screen, hence the viewing numbers
HGREGG Over 1 year ago
Thanks BenLouws - that explains it! It's not a very good pano (one of my first) I hope to make better :-)
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