Yosemite National Park



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360 degree panorama taken June 17, 2010 from Yosemite Falls Trail, Yosemite National Park.
Megapixels 109.48
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Date Created 6/20/2011

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NealPT Over 1 year ago
That is very beautiful. Do you have any idea how many pictures(vertical or horizontal shots?) it took to make this? Do you use a tripod when doing these? I ask because you have a lot of very beautiful photosynths and seem like all are well made.
ultfrisbee Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment. I use a tripod with an Acratech GP Ballhead which is designed for panoramas. I also use a wide angle lens to capture as much of the landscape as I can in the fewest number of shots. This particular synth is made up of 72 images (3 vertical x 24 horizontal). I vary the number of horizontal images based on the focal length of my lens but in general I like to have at least half of one image overlap the next.
Blacklining Over 1 year ago
So beautiful sceanary! I wanna take my panorama with fine result like this:)
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