Deep Wood House's South Lawn (Evens Half)



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This is part of one of my synths that I've been trying to make work since the 8th of September. It's only a small portion of the grounds around the Deep Wood House in Salem Oregon's Bush's Pasture Park but it's a beginning.

Photosynth keeps running out of memory while analysing the full set of photos because they are all of things which generate a lot of 'image features' (the patches of texture in your photos that Photosynth matches to figure out how the camera positions and points in the photos match and relate to each other).

After trying fewer and fewer photos at one time, being forced down near to half the number of images, and becoming more and more irritated that objects featured in both earlier and later photos would not get the extra detail in the point cloud that they should if all the photos were together, I thought that if I had to make a synth with only half the photos, I would at least choose photos that were evenly spaced from the beginning to the end of my photo set.

I've now successfully synthed (97% 'successful' anyway - some annoying rifts were introduced in the point cloud because of missing every other photo in these 'half' sets) both the odd numbered photos and the even numbered photos as separate groups. Someone who had viewed one of the synths and later found the second might mistake it for the first one that they had seen and comparing the point clouds of both show that they are truly very similar but the detail and density of the point cloud that is lost because of missing the matching that should happen between the evens and the odds is very unfortunate.
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Date Created 9/23/2009

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