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Gate's Fort,
was constructed between 1612 and 1615 and takes its name from Sir Thomas Gates, Governor elect of Jamestown, Virginia, from 1609

Because he was shipwrecked off Bermuda along with Admiral Sir George Somers and colonists from the flagship "Sea Venture," he governed Bermuda from 1609-1610 before he became the first Governor of Virginia in 1610.

Its chief attractions today are its stunning views of the sea and its site at the edge of the "Town Cut," the narrow channel leading from the open sea into St. George's Harbor. It offers a perfect vantage point for observing cruise ships carefully navigating the Town Cut to enter St. George's.

I have tried to take some photographs from inside, but the door remains locked every time I visit.

The cannons are painted "shiny" black so the do not form very good cloud points (P) but the shadows help to see them!
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dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
If you keep this up I won't need to come down to Bermuda to see all its wonderful places :)
Actually, I'll just know exactly where to go!
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Thanks dariusmonsef! Lots of places to take pictures of in Bermuda. Just need the time.
I seem to want to get everything in one go. Trouble is I find the big projects (lots of pics) tends to also lead to a lot of problems. Sometimes the Cloud point gets confused and you end up with multiple objects. Or it takes four or five times to upload (out of memory)
This one took over nine hours to finish. The cannons got a bit of a cloud point, actually that surprised me a little! (I think the bright sun and shadows helped)
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