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This is one of our Halloween decorations. He was affectionately named "Spooky" by my then 3 year old daughter. He lives in our cemetary for the week prior to Halloween, and gets put away for the next 11 months and 3 weeks following Halloween. He's a latex coated, foam-filled, hand painted torso which sits on the ground as if he were half-buried. My wife did the paint job. He's got a few friends in the cemetary as well. "Doug" can also be found in my synth collection.

Check out the point cloud by pressing "P" a time or two.
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Date Created 10/15/2008

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douglas Over 1 year ago
You did a really nice job of taking the photos all the way round - this turned out really well.
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
yes. very spooky indeed!
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Yes, is is pretty awesome.
Shail Over 1 year ago
best spooky.. turn to only point cloud and see more spookiness. eyes always staring you while body turning 360
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