Cergy Pontoise depuis la tour EDF



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Depuis la tour EDF on peut visualiser le quartier Cergy Préfecture et les environs... jusqu'à Paris.
La Tour EDF-GDF de Cergy est une tour de bureaux construite en 1974 en plein cœur de la ville nouvelle dans le quartier d'affaires et administratif Cergy-Préfecture. Ses architectes sont Renzo Moro et Guy Lagneau.
Elle est haute de 86 m avec 14 étages.
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Testrada Over 1 year ago
Thank you so much for sharing this. I was barely 10 and 11 years old when my family visited here. Pure memories - nothing but youthful memories. :)
'Swimming at the swimming pool; getting fresh bread down around the corner near the mall entry - that, along with getting a fast food burger. My most fond memories of growing up "briefly" during the two summers (1986, 1987) that we stayed at the Novotel across the way in the park... ...How cool the world has become - to share every thing like we do on the internet now and "be back there - at my other home" instantly in a mouse click.
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