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Fountain Square has been the symbolic center of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States since 1871. The square, which replaced a butcher's market, was a gift from Henry Probasco in memory of Tyler Davidson. Probasco traveled to Munich and commissioned a bronze allegorical fountain from Ferdinand von Miller named The Genius of Water that symbolizes the uses of water, both natural and man-made. Originally, the square sat between two streets. A 1971 renovation of the square included slightly moving and re-orienting the square to the west, and enlarging the scale of the plaza to reflect that of new buildings around it. It is used for lunch-breaks, rallies, and other gatherings.

In the early 2000s, the square was completely renovated and re-designed by 3cdc to attract more visitors to the city, and to serve as a cultural/recreational hub for the city. In addition to the renovations, many buildings in and around the Fountain Square district are currently being renovated and redesigned to revitalize the region. The Fountain itself was completely restored.
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