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Sipapu Bridge is a natural bridge or arch located in the Natural Bridges National Monument in the U.S. state of Utah. The bridge spans White Canyon.

Sipapu was long reported to have a span of 268 feet by the National Park Service, ranking it as the fourth longest natural arch in the world. A more accurate measurement obtained by laser survey in 2007 revealed the measurement to be a significant overstatement. The Natural Arch and Bridge Society has published a revised span of 225 feet, demoting the arch to a seventh place ranking.[1]

Based on specific criteria that separate natural arches from bridges, Sipapu is still ranked as the second longest natural bridge after the more famous Rainbow Bridge National Monument, also in Utah.

Sipapu can be viewed from a roadside viewpoint but is best viewed from a short hiking trail that leads down to its base from the canyon rim. Since the closure of the trail leading under Landscape Arch due to safety concerns, and the voluntary prohibition placed on passing under Rainbow Bridge in deference to (often debated) Navajo and Hopi spiritual beliefs, Sipapu is now the longest natural arch in the world to have an active trail beneath it that visitors may pass under, affording spectacular views of the underside of the arch.

The name of the arch comes from the Hopi word sipapu, a word for a symbolic portal from which the first human ancestors emerged.
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vincenzodg Over 1 year ago
anabba Over 1 year ago
GigaView Over 1 year ago
Thank you! How did you find this panorama?
tannerbrett Over 1 year ago
great shot. I am very impressed. I actually visited the Natural Bridges on Monday. I didn't have time to hike down to Sipapu but got to see Owachomo.
GigaView Over 1 year ago
Thanks tannerbrett, and another great shot from Owachomo! I went for a pretty long hike down in the canyon at Natural Bridges, trying to find a ruin that a friendly ranger showed me ten years ago. Didn't find the one I was looking for, but it wasn't long before I found another one. Natural Bridges was home to a thriving population at one time, with people living in every nook and cranny of the canyon system. Here are the two panos I took at the Unknown ruin (note that geotag is purposefully inaccurate)
AMANECERES Over 1 year ago
r0nin2ooo Over 1 year ago
Love the detail.
HardworkinMom Over 1 year ago
Awesome! Sums it up!
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