Regeneration at OCCCA



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Leslie Davis, Linda Southwell, Gregg Stone, Julia Klemek

This is a show about the current biotechnological and biomedical innovations in Stem Cell Tissue Regeneration.

These sculptures give visual acuity into the current reality of human organ replacement, longer life expectancy, disease prevention, spinal cord and brain injury repair and the advanced Genome computer innovations that are accelerating these advances.
-Leslie D. Davis

There was a time of blood and splendor in the Aztec society of 1492, which is now regenerating itself into the Cholo counter culture of today.

Treated as an invisible and unwanted lower class, the Cholos have returned to the warrior society of their ancestors here in the Southland. We hope to give insight into this underclass society
thru photographs and art work.
-Edgar Hoil and Gregg Stone

These sculptures are a return, a renewal. Seedlings that have grown from loving care.
- Linda Southwell

These sculptures muse about regeneration.. They are a combination of rock structure and organic growth. They have experienced the transformative forces of fire, wind and water.
- Julia Klemek
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Date Created 6/25/2010

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