Eldorado Peak



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Eldorado Peak is the "Queen of the Cascade River" according to Fred Beckey. Massively aloof, perched at the edge of the largest contiguous ice-sheet in the lower 48 states not connected to a volcano, the summit has a Himalayan-like splendor owing to its remoteness, position, and knife-edge summit ridge. The total climb encompasses a brutal 6800 vertical feet (before ups and downs) and can be made through one of two interesting approaches. The climb is not technically difficult, and a number of people que up each year to experience the thrill of stamping out a "just-wide-enough" path on the summit ridge and looking into the heart of the Klawatti-Inspiration-McAlister icecap. Views into Marble Creek, Dorado Needle, Forbidden Peak, Mt Buckner, Mt Logan, Johannesburg Mt and the other peaks of the Ptarmigan Traverse... It is an exhilerating summit experience, especially with the extreme alpine exposure.
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