Tree Stump - Tryon Creek Park



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Went on a walk around Tryon Creek state park looking for some fungi or big mushrooms to try and synth... but everything was covered with the falling leaves. I did find this interesting stump though that has lots of character. I could have done a better job taking more photos... but it worked out well for what I took. P.S. I shot a couple other photos while I was out on my walk:
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Date Created 11/17/2008

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
This has to take the prize for "darkest interesting synth". Zooming in on some of the closeups reminds me of scenes from the Blair Witch Project.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Thanks David. I like that if you switch to point cloud view and spin around the stump you can sort of see what those big gashes look like from the inside of the stump... kind of cool. (P.S. I hope this synth doesn't make as many people motion sick like the BWP)
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Nice point cloud.
Nuclearfella Over 1 year ago
I love the closeups mixed in. Makes great point clouds.
drumsmack Over 1 year ago
Very Nice: does this one guard your lucid dreams?
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