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Spa Willamina, of Portland, Oregon, takes a natural approach to beauty. Focusing on the inner and outer person, our services help bring balance and harmony.

“We take a natural approach to beauty, and have found that this is the most effective way to enhance your health, beauty, and serenity.”
— Willow Light, Owner

As founder of Spa Willamina, Willow's ultimate goal is to restore the essence of an individual bringing each client back to optimal health.Her training is vast and ongoing, studying everything from Advanced Skin Care in New York, Massage Therapy techniques, Herbal Healing, Meditation and Energy work and Nutritional Therapy. Willow's education is unique from most Estheticians due to her extensive background and application of so many facets of healing.

As owner of Spa Willamina, and as someone who has worked in the healing arts for over 20 years, Willow has made it her priority to find the best results-oriented, natural products.

Willow incorporates a holistic and relaxing component to every treatment she provides.
Her job is to both educate and motivate the staff at Spa Willamina with inspirational training programs and products to optimize each guest's experience.

We are located in a craftsman bungalow at 1928 North East 40th Avenue, just one and a half blocks north of Sandy Boulevard between Hancock and Tillamook Streets. You are welcome to park in one of the many on-street spaces.
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