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Date Created 1/1/2009

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Marvin Over 1 year ago
Just WOW!!!
houdan Over 1 year ago
soooo cool!!! such a great interial synth!
Shail Over 1 year ago
Buttery transition to various rooms.. awesome!!
miguelnora Over 1 year ago
Good job !

I love it !
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
SUPER! U were a foto snappin fool, weren't u!?:) I SPACEBAR/Shitf+SPACEBARed my way thru all 691 fotos! V interesin xperience. Especially cool to go into pure pcloud mode while rapidly pressin SPACEBAR. Did u have a practical end for this clearly significant effort? Or were u just intrigued? Not sure what the record foto count is, but this one's gotta b up there. Musta had an over the top computer sys to pump this out (64-bit OS, n LOTS of RAM?). Tnx for sharin the results of all ur hard effort.
Suenell Over 1 year ago
Gorgeous house & I love that fireplace! It was almost as good as taking a walk thru of the house. I loved it!
carlitos287 Over 1 year ago
they should take 10,000 photos, or even 100,000 of the entire Microsoft complex and put it in here...
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