Petra - The Treasury



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My first attempt at a synth.
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Date Created 3/14/2009

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Best Petra synth yet! Well done for your first synth. Please geatag it so we can all find it on the Map Explore page!
pshros Over 1 year ago
Thanks David. I have now geotagged both my synths.
I think next time I take pictures for a synth I'll have a better idea of how to make motion through the synth more appealing.
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
You might be interested to know that we in the Photosynth team are working hard trying to make the motion more appealing and the navigation more understandable. They're hard problems but we're starting to make some progress.If all goes well you'll see some noticable improvements by the middle of the year.
kinggs Over 1 year ago
Great Synth, and a great weekend!!
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
excellent synth of an unforgettable place....well done!!
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
one more comment....what a point cloud - I think one can only really appreciate how good the point cloud is if you have actually been there and stood in the wadi and in the treasury room. brilliant!!
ghhcpa Over 1 year ago
My Great Uncle George Horsfield was the first major archeologist to explore Petra.
jimchee Over 1 year ago
great job, anyone try it on the whole family? then show the group photo?
ghazala Over 1 year ago
how do i download????????????????????/////////////
Postdds Over 1 year ago
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