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Sadly Photosynth shows real preference for the sky showing around the edges of leaves rather than finding common features on the actual leaves. This would be understandable if the leaves were blowing in the wind, obviously, but today was really quite calm.

I can't complain too much because there are really no close ups with the leaves in this synth, but it's definitely a problem that I'd love to find a solution to in the future. This was a rush job between catching buses on my commute home a few days ago, so I'm not too dissapointed. As a side note, tree trunks perform admirably well in Photosynth, happily so winter trees should be a piece of cake.

I'll be on the lookout for a good selection of fully synthed leaves, flowers, and other natural objects in my favourites list in the future, if that sort of thing appeals to you.
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Date Created 10/31/2008

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Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
Very nice tree.
I have an explanation for the difficulty in synthing the leaves:
- all leaves are nearly of the same color and have no different pattern.
- it´s a sunny day and there are a lot of reflections on the leaves.
- photosynth associates patterns in the foreground or (the background) with your tree. In this case the sky offers no different patterns so photosynth can´t make clear defined links between the sky and the leaves. Try to put something with a different pattern in the foreground - or try to synth a tree in a Vally (without sky or water in the background).
Look at my synt "mermaid": this two stones have a different pattern and the point cloud is nearly perfect.
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
and look at the other "mermaid" synths. Thy have not a good result because they have water in the background (no defined link is possibly) and the "mermaid" have no different pattern and a lot of reflections....
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