A 360 in the pale moonlight in Hybo Dec.29



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In the pale full moon the night to December 29th I took my gear out to make a 360 pano. The sky had already begun to be a little hazy. It went from comfortable -15C/5F in the evening to 0C/32F in the morning and in the writing moment it's like slush in the driveway.
The whole pano is a little bit unfocused - I was freezing my fingers off at the time of shooting. I hope it's OK anyway.
Camera settings: ISO1600, 1/4sek, F5,6, 38mm, Act. D-light extra high, WB ca 3030K. White balance is a compromise between moon light and lamp light. Not so precise.
The settings are mainly adjusted to make things on the ground correct exposed.
After ten attempts of stitching in ICE with different parameters and each try failing, I excluded the upper row and the lower row and it went well. The outcome has the same amount of pixels as the discarded attempts.
Megapixels 812.22
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Date Created 12/30/2012

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flip1228 Over 1 year ago
Great work. Thanks for braving the cold to get this shot. I've been meaning to try and do a night time photosynth also and this one gave me some inspiration (and some great tips on good settings) Thanks again!
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank You flip1228! It inspires me if I can be an inspiration. Note that the whitbalance is close to lightbulb - the moon is blue. And if you want to shoot a stary sky this setting will surely not make the stars visible. Then more of everything is needed.
ankorot Over 1 year ago
Great job! Seams between shots are invisible. Did you use regular tripod (not automated one)?
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thanks ankorot! I used a regular tripod with an old videohead atached as the tripod was without head from the beginning. You can se it in my photosynth "My equipment for pano photographing". When making a 360 spherical I must remove the home made scales and use the scales on the videohead.
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