Altar of Hungarian Orthodox Church in Budapest



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This panorama shows a part of the 16-metre high iconostasis which depicts 88 scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. The icons were painted by Viennese master Anton Kuchelmeister, 4 of them were destroyed and rebuilt later.
Read more about the church and the museum at

Many thanks to Andras Freyno and Christina Imre who helped making this panorama possible!

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Date Created 12/5/2010

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Recommend that you add some highlights to bring out the best in this fantastic capture.
bvogl Over 1 year ago
This would make the image definitely more useful. I'm currently trying to find someone who can read Greek and translate the plates for me!
OrasulMemorabil Over 1 year ago
what type of projection and settings did you use? using photoshop export I was not able to obtain a simple rectiliniar projection.
thank you,
bvogl Over 1 year ago
Photosynth needs a FOV to display the image correctly - a value of "0" is not accepted. If you don't know the exact (horizontal) FOV of your image, an approximate value should be sufficent (e.g. a 50mm lens has a FOV of ~38 degrees)
OrasulMemorabil Over 1 year ago
projecting as rectiliniar and using the real fov, as generated by ptgui, renders an usable image, with the corners of the image displayed at a steep angle. using the cilindrical projection gives curves the image. in your image of the altar I see a good perspective, the only thing I think of is using a very narrow angle for the rectiliniar projection for a simple, square image display.
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