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This unfortunate tree is within my power to care for but as you can see it is very much neglected.

I don't know what the parasite is that is devouring it, but if anyone out there knows their trees I'm open to advice as to how to go about restoring it to health, if possible. The decay on the north side of the tree is shockingly bad.

It won't serve in diagnosing or close examination but if you care to view the sparse 3D model that Photosynth has constructed using the points that if has found in common among the photographs, first ensure that you have activated the synth controls by clicking it or touching it and then use the [p] key to cycle through:
a) photos and point cloud (this is the default)
b) point cloud only (impressive in its own way)
c) photos only.

Remember that you can zoom into any of the photos and that if a circular icon appears when you near the tree you can click and drag that icon to rotate around the object (in this case the tree). If navigating in 3D is too challenging you can use the [~] key or 9 squares icon to switch to grid mode which is more like a regular photo gallery, except that you can instantly zoom down to any level of detail with a flick of the mouse scrollwheel.

As a side note, if the Silverlight Viewer (that's the one to the left of this paragraph) is performing slowly for you, I would suggest trying the older Direct3D Viewer (which is much faster). You can find the older viewer's link under the lower left hand corner of the synth in Internet Explorer or Firefox 3 (as long as your computer is running Windows).
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