Goblins Gate, Elwha River, Olympic National Park, Washington



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The Goblins Gate is the point where the Elwha River enters Rica Canyon, constricting to about 50 feet. There are 2 massive fallen trees balanced across the rocks that make up the entrance.

Someday I'd like to ford the river a bit upstream, and get some shots of this from the opposite bank.

Taken November 1, 2009
Elwah River Valley, Olympic National Park, Washington

You can see more of my photography at: http://tonyernst.com
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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Was led to your synths by a comment made on another synth. I noticed in your bio that you are connected with Photosynth. Huge praise on this site! In my humble opinion this is one of the best sites on the internet. The planning for the whole creative, interactive and future evolution of Photosynth is "spot on". As long as this site remains (cross my fingers)and evolves, I hope to continue to use and enjoy it. And it's free! Please stay free! I remember in school, the art instructor telling us to "really" look at our subject. Get a feel for it from all angles and distances. Years ago, taking a photo, meant finding what you thought would be the best shot and then click. And you would hope for the best.
Today, I have never taken so many shots of a single object. I am "really" looking at my subject, and I feel my photography has improved. But this site is not just about photography.
I have wrote this before, but, thank you to all involved for this amazing site.
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