Milky Way from Rattlesnake Lake



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This is my first tentative to create a full sky panorama. It is a result of 18 exposures, 30 seconds each, taken with a Canon T3i and 10-22mm lens, stitched together with Microsoft ICE.

Although I am happy that I could get that result in my first try, my plan is to do the same thing from a darker site, with a lot less light pollution.
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Date Created 9/29/2011

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mw_1972 Over 1 year ago
That is nice!! Thanks for taking the time to do this...
K Over 1 year ago
wow, very nice! congrats on making the home page.

are those clouds near rattlesnake ledge or faint aurora?
ericotm Over 1 year ago
no aurora, unfortunately. That is just the lights from Seattle illuminating the clouds.
Thaukka Over 1 year ago
Beautiful, there is so many stars in it, it's like magic. thx for uploading this wonderful picture
sigehna66 Over 1 year ago
Very nice! I'm putting it on my list for my next trip to WA. :)
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