Portland Japanese Garden - The Flat Garden



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Taken as the first rain of the fall fell over Portland. The Flat Garden (hira-niwa) is an example of how gardens in Japan have continued to develop the dry landscape style of the karesansui garden over time. In a garden such as this one, the designer worked to balance the relationship between the flat planes (the ground) and the volume of stones and clipped shrubbery and trees to create a sense of depth of space. The garden is meant to be seen from a single viewpoint either from within the Pavilion or from the veranda. The whole is framed by the sliding shoji doors if viewed from inside or by the veranda itself if viewed from outside. This framed view can be appreciated in much the same way we would appreciate a landscape painting—perhaps a view of a shoreline across the water of the raked gravel plane. Mountains and hills are depicted in the rounded shapes of the azalea shrubs. The Flat Garden also provides a distinctively seasonal beauty in all four seasons. The Japanese laceleaf maple is more than a century old and can be said to represent autumn, while the weeping cherry signifies the spring. Winter is represented by the black pines and summer by the imaginary cool "water" of the raked gravel surrounding the Circle and Gourd Islands, which symbolize enlightenment and happiness.
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Date Created 9/17/2010

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mattu Over 1 year ago
Great work! I especially enjoyed being able to zoom in on the water drops along the roof.
GigaView Over 1 year ago
Thanks, Matt. I rarely do non-360 panos, but this garden deserved the detail and I was short on time. I think it was just over 300 shots. All of the other Japanese Garden shots are full 360, but with less res. Question: I have quite a few uploads to Photosynth now, but the storage quota still reads 0.0 GB used. Is this limit still enforced?
mattu Over 1 year ago
In your case the quota won't be enforced. It's mainly there to prevent people from somehow abusing the free storage.
maxrottersman Over 1 year ago
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Love the scene, but is it just me, or is the imagery a lot darker than it might be? Gigaview -- is there a reason you made it this way?
GigaView Over 1 year ago
It is, David. This is a higher resolution scene than most of my 360s. I had some time because of the rain, but I hurried through my settings on this one. I set it up to get the best out of the rock garden, but that left the trees way too dark.
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