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Date Created 1/26/2010

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Hmm. The cat is beautiful, but sadly Photosynth can only calculate the positions of stationary textures. The reality is that with a long haired animal, there is very nearly no part which does not constantly move.

This means either that you must satisfy yourself with getting enough shots circling the stationary objects within the scene (such as the richly textured couch cover) that the cat is sitting on which will position all the photos correctly, but only reconstruct some of the stationary details in 3D or, alternately, hope that the cat lays very still while asleep and thus allows you to circle it a few times at different distances and heights without stirring and wondering what you are doing.
Amunaor Over 1 year ago
Thanks for stopping by to view and to comment. I only discovered this little photo-tinker-toy, embedded in Windows Live Gallery, after installing 64BIT WIN7 and thought I give it a whirl. After finding some stunning examples of what others have achieved here, I quickly managed to locate a few random shots of the cat to test it on. One definitely needs planned sequential shots to provoke the software to act appropriately.

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