Big barn interior from the 'other' side of the fence



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Here you are standing about 50 feet in from the West end of the barn. You can see two horses eating hay, and then the two 8' long barn doors waiting to be placed on the rails.

To the left, 90 degrees, is TimeKeeper and behind him the goat pen for Cotton.

Another 90 degress to the left and you can see the rest of the barn looking to the East. See all that light under the wall on the left hand side? Well all that has to be filled in. It's hard to tell, but there is a shallow trench along the whole wall and Allison thinks water is getting into the barn that way. The plan is to build forms and then pour concrete into the trench to build a watertight barrier. The weight of the walls and roof and snow is carried from the rim downthe posts. The concrete won't carry weight.
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Date Created 10/10/2011

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