Anaehoomalu Bay - Kite Aerial (KAP)



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A kite aerial photography session at Anaehoomalu Bay on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Again, this set was not taken with the intent of creating a synth, so some of the shots are... random... Also some of the shots containing kite line are blurry because the camera chose to focus on the line instead of the scene. Ah well, nature of the beast. As a result this is not the best synth. It divided the shots into numerous groups, some only single-shot.

I did pull a couple of printable pictures from this set including some palm trees, some nice shots of the reef, an anchialine pond just inland of the beach isetlf. There's also a rusty marine diesel somewhere on the beach. (I leave it up to the viewer to find that particular beastie. I just wish the point cloud there was more entertaining.)

Equipment used:
Kite - 6' rokkaku
Line - #200 braided dacron
Rig - Brooks BBKK and Pan Gearbox
Camera - Canon A650IS
Synthy 88%
Views 43
Favorites 1
Photos 131
Date Created 2/26/2009

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tbenedict Over 1 year ago
Hahahaha! Ouch... I look like such a slacker in that shot. ;) But you do win the prize. Next time I'll wear a Local Motion shirt and stand up a little straighter.

Hey, Worldwide KAP Week 2009 is coming up in about a month and a half. I've got a whole slew of places on my list, so I should be able to post a bunch of new aerial synths around mid-May. (I'll stand up straighter in those, too...)
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