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What a glorious mess.

I love making guitars, and what looks like chaos is a mashup of five instruments under construction and stacks of stored and drying wood to make more.

In my estimation, this is what a happy garage looks like.
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Date Created 8/17/2008

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blaise Over 1 year ago
There's a motorized something-or-other in the middle of this synth you've shot from many angles-- while it isn't necessarily the most interesting object in the synth, it does provide a pivot you can use to easily orient yourself within the environment. That's an interesting use of the object navigation.
And of course.. what a cool shop!
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
One of the fun things about Photosynth is that it loves clutter and mess: There's just more details to grab on to. The same goes for architecture. Pre-modern architecture with lots of decorative flourishes generates fantastic synths. Modern design with its clean lines and repetition, less so.
fotoflex Over 1 year ago
This was the first synth I watched, exept those of the BBC.
I put the Gurian Guitar pictures here.
Can I add photo's from the outside, as you requested?
And of course, from the inside, to make it complete?
stringcraft Over 1 year ago

In this version you can't add pictures, I'd sure like to add some better resolution ones to this set as well. I know that is a feature that Photosynth wants to have in a future release.

What you can do is to make a new synth out of all of those current pictures (inside your Gurian), and add many more. The only pictures that will upload in the new synth will be the new ones (we don't load the same bits twice).

Once you are happy with the new synth (under a new name), delete the old synth and then rename the new one.

Convoluted, yes. It should have the desired effect, and you can rest assured that your upload bandwidth will be used effectively (since we won't upload the same bits twice).
stringcraft Over 1 year ago
That reminds me to e-mail Frank Ford at Gryphon Stringed Instruments ( note to get him to start shooting his amazing collection of guitar pictures with Photosynth in mind.
GregBrehm Over 1 year ago
My grandfather was an avid wood carver, god rest his soul. As I look at this wonderful work of photos and syntesis produces a real trip back into time for me. It is a wonderful combination of photo optics and technology to create AND SHARE walks back into tme. This is what it felt like while I sifted through your well used and well lived in workshop. I can almost smell the concoction of all the woods, glues, lndseed oil and all that comes along with a beautiful room like this. I myself am not a woodworker at all! I however cherrish seeing people such as yourself perform their work! This medium can hold me over until I can really walk in and pick up one of your masterpieces! THANK YOU!
fotoflex Over 1 year ago
Thank you, Stringcraft.
I'm not sure about what you say, though. I have uploaded different versions, with more pictures, but they all seem to load. The older ones as well, I mean. I also found that including a panorama of the pictures solves the problem of the overlap. The panorama programme needs less of an overlap and gives the synth something to hold onto.
Not perfect, but it helps. I've also included pictures of the outside, but they show only in the grid. I sure hope you can contact mr. Gurian.
jaleduque Over 1 year ago
photosynth is an amazing tool, very cool, but i can´t see the samples on the screen, i only see the green background...i don´t know what to do to see the synths!!!
Nmbr1stlrsfn Over 1 year ago
let me know when you get this to work so that i don't have to install and reinstall the application. this is very frustrating.
Donrod Over 1 year ago
how can I delete a photosynth which I made?
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Stringcraft, this synth has been one of my favourites, but in the past several months when coming back to look at it, I've found that many of the DZIs (seemingly every other one) have most of their tile layers missing, resulting in half the photos or so remaining permanently blurred.

What are the odds of you resynthing these photos (perhaps having edited the metadata so that they upload a second time)?

Hoping to see this beautiful synth up and healthy again soon!

Best regards,
RBanks Over 1 year ago
Hi Stingcraft. I'm keen to use a screenshot of your photosynth in a book that I'm writing about using technology to reminisce about the past. I need your permission to do this, though. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me at rbanks [at] microsoft [dot] com to discuss? This is relatively urgent, unfortunately. Thx! Richard
Nathanael Over 1 year ago

I don't know if this is too late, but Stringcraft chose to publish their photos under the Creative Commons Attribution license, meaning that as long as you credit Stringcraft, you are absolutely free to do whatever you wish with the photos in their synth.
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