Curiousity Sol 3



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There is an updated version of this with fewer missing images available at

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Date Created 8/13/2012

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anthonymaw Over 1 year ago
hmmm...the blacked out image parts suggest the image has been censored by the US Government. Could this be a cover-up of actual photographic evidence of alien life on Mars? LOL!!!
Andrew0002 Over 1 year ago
@anthonymaw My thoughts exactly. :-)
HarasPlessis Over 1 year ago
Great Andrew. I have "favorited" it.
Did you download each photo individually from the NASA website?
Or is there a way of downloading bundles?
Andrew0002 Over 1 year ago
Thanks @HarasPlessis . I had to download the photos individually from the Raw Images page (see link in description). However, it appears for the mast cam that the images are saved sequentially so you can get to the images without having to navigate through their web page. Example: The ### portion of the URL is the sequence number. This panorama was created from starting at 010, then 011, 012, 013 - all the way to 139. There are some images missing from this sequence, but NASA has been adding images steadily since the "brain transplant" completed - so hopefully I'll be able to fill in the gaps soon. Hopefully NASA will add a mass download option in the future.
Andrew0002 Over 1 year ago
Please see for the new version with some of the gaps filled in.
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Thank you very much, Andrew, for your explanations, thanks to which I have done my own - with very personal colors - at
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