Los Angeles - After Sunset - San Gabriel Valley



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Vista Manor - San Gabriel Valley - Los Angeles - After sunset - Downtown LA is roughly 26 miles Line of Sight.
Megapixels 199.73
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Date Created 1/28/2012

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AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Garret, nice shot!

Q: What do you think is causing the artifacting across the upper half of the pano?
garretbaquet Over 1 year ago
Possible answer: The vertical light areas are likely from lens vignetting... I am pretty sure that I used lens correction... but it's the first time I have ever used this lens 400mm Canon at 400mm... haven't had time to calibrate any settings.

Since it wasn't my lens, I left the u/v filter on it... have noticed that sometimes filters reflect bright spots back through the lens.

Maybe boosted the noise a bit much recovering shadow detail. :)

30 second exposure
ISO 100
garretbaquet Over 1 year ago
Correction 100mm.

Another possibility for any noise would be Sensor heat from the long exposures...

Your thoughts?
AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Yea, at 0.2Gpixel, 100mm would be about right.

I think the filter is most likely the place to start, but what bothers me is it seems to be broken in two color bands, and is inverted (as seen in the blue ghost of the (57?) freeway over the water tanks. So it might be a reflection off the front element onto the filter.

I think the low angle (elevation) might add to the strength of the effect as well.

I've largely stopped using filters in digital, so this is something I would find hard to replicate. So if you find out more, I'd be glad to hear about it...

PS: The noise level looks fine, what body were you using?
garretbaquet Over 1 year ago
I will run through the raw images again and check... 5DmkII. I also suspect filter reflection, it tends to have that greenish tint.
AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Thanks Mister, hope to meet up someday. What are you using for a head.

I have a Manfrotto 303SPH and a handful of Canon 40D's.
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