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Ladie's Luge event - first 2 heats on Monday night at the Whistler Sliding Centre - 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, BC.
This is a great specator event - and you're looking into the final turn at "Thunderbird" or corner 16. The lugers traverse this corner in about 3 seconds at around 144 km/h. Centrifugal forces create about 3 to 3.5 g's at this point. It get's pretty hard to hold your head up at this point. This synth is made from lots of photos and in some instances you can follow the luger across the turn.
Due to a tragic accident in the training sessions for the men's luge the opening day of the Olympics - a decision was made to move the start of the Ladies Luge events to a Junior starting position. Competitors are not happy about this... but the games go on and they'll make the best of it. Spirits are hight and everybody is enjoying the events so far.
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