Chichen Itza - Temple of Kukulkan



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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Hi there, Auracle111,

Sorry to hear you were having problems with the new Silverlight viewer. I'm looking at all 20 photos in the new Silverlight viewer right now and they're all loading really well. I know how you feel about the Direct3D viewer (I love it!), but keep in mind that the Photosynth team is not finished building the Silverlight viewer. The only time that they would ever take the Direct3D viewer away is if they had improved the Silverlight one to be every bit as fast and smooth as the Direct3D one.

Just a heads up: Tony Ernst replied to your topic in the forums and would like you to talk to him if you're still having problems so that he and the other guys working on the new viewer can figure out what's going wrong for you and fix it.
Here's the link:
And his profile:
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Hi Auracle111,

I think the problem with the Silverlight viewer in this issue is that the current version of the Silverlight viewer is simply not catching all the "quad neighbors" that the d3d viewer is doing.

Try pressing the spacebar a few times, or using the little arrows on the bottom panel. I think you'll be able to get to the rest of the photos.
auracle111 Over 1 year ago
do you not find the need to use arrows as counter-intuitive?

my suggestions is to just view it in d3d where it all works just fine. ;)
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Fair enough. :-)

It's interesting that you should think that the arrows are counter-intuitive. We've got some people on the team that have recently been arguing for the removal of all the arrows.

Anyway, we should have a fix for the missing quads in a few weeks.
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