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My family and I recently went to visit some longtime friends who have shown kindness to three of our generations. They operate a modest sized fruit farm on the outskirts of Salem and their graciousness is truly remarkable.

My brother Josh has gotten me into the habit of snapping a few photos of the food at memorable occasions and although I didn't manage to get any photos until everyone had served their food, I thought I'd expand the idea to a full photosynth since he wasn't with us tonight. Wish you were here to join in the feast, brata. Thinkin' of you.
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Date Created 9/21/2009

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
After you click somewhere inside the synth, you can use the [P] key to toggle between Photos Only, Photos + Point Cloud, + Point Cloud Only.

Please do try the point cloud as it is one of my favorite parts about Photosynth.

While you're at it, try out Overhead View, by pressing the [T] key. Once you're above the table, you can click anywhere on the point cloud to swoop down to the position that a photo of that spot was taken.

If you'd rather view these photos like a normal album, you can try out 2D view by using the [~] key. All of these photos are 10 megapixels, so feel free to zoom in to the little details.

If you'd like to try a synth like this, everything you need to make it is free, except your own digital camera.

To make a synth like this one, just set a few things out on a table and take photos all the way around them: let's say about 24 evenly spaced photos per object just ot be safe. If you want more detail, just get closer + keep in focus.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
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