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This is the interactive exhibition of the Gettysburg Wonder Cabinet that was on display in the Schmucker Art Gallery in Gettysburg College from 16 November 2012 - 8 December 2012. To learn more about each exhibition item, visit:

Students curated this remarkable exhibition as part of a new team-taught course at Gettysburg College, ARTH/IDS 284 Wonders of nature and artifice: the Renaissance quest for knowledge. In both the course and exhibition, students have learned about the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and the powerful dynamics behind scientific discovery and societal forces.

The Renaissance, known as a rebirth of Classical Antiquity, was also an age of global exploration, and collectors were driven by curiosity and a sense of wonder about what seemed to be an ever-expanding world. One result of this passion for collecting was to provide centers of study and source material for their quest to find order in nature.

In this same spirit, our students brought together the College’s own wonders of nature and artifice for The Gettysburg Cabinet. Each student carried out research on an object or set of objects of their choice, and together they have presented highlights of their work in this catalog. Bridging the gap between the Renaissance and our own time was quite a challenge, but the students rose to the occasion marvelously. This show was curated by:
Danielle Berardinelli, Rebecca Deffler, Madison Desmond, Jill Duranko, Peter Flood, Emily Francisco, Devin Garnick, Joshua Griffiths, Lauren Kauffman, Rose Kell, Sara Ketelsen, Marissa Mellan, Dina Mohamed-Aly, Joanna Myers, Sean Pethybridge, Joshua Poorman, Molly Reynolds and Shane Swink.

Additional thanks to Kay Etheridge and Felicia Else for their leading this exhibition and the "Wonders of Nature and Artifice" class. Special thanks to Carrie Szarko for her instructions and assistance with this panorama.

To read more about the Gettysburg Wonder Cabinet visit:
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